Audition Information



  • All auditions are conducted via video.  There are no live auditions.
  • Students must submit their audition video URL when completing the student information form portion of the online audition registration.


  • Students new to the camp
  • All students wishing to participate in the Honors Wind Symphony
    • Even if the student was placed in Honors Wind Symphony in a previous year, they will still need to submit an audition for this year.
  • Middle school students wishing to be placed in a high school ensemble


  • Please note that Middle School students do not need an audition video, but they MUST include a performance sample in their Participant Questionnaire on CampDoc. This is for placement purposes only. Please share your video URL at your earliest convenience.
  • Students who are prior participants in this camp do NOT need to provide an audition video.
  • Students who have been accepted to All-State or Region Bands or Orchestras.
  • Students who have been accepted to the camp during an outreach event or on-campus event by a Mason Gross Extension Division or Collegiate Faculty member.

General audition procedure (for those who wish to not audition for Honors Wind):
Upload a recording of two contrasting etudes, one to demonstrate tone and phrase (slow) and one to demonstrate technique (fast).

Students auditioning for the Honors Wind Symphony:
Prepare a video recording containing the following:

  • Two excerpts from your state’s present All-State solo for your instrument.  One excerpt should demonstrate tone and phrasing; the other should emphasize technique facility.
  • A chromatic scale in even octaves spanning the full range of their instrument.
  • Percussionists should play timpani or snare drum for their audition video. Mallet instruments are optional.

Acceptance will be based on two factors: quality level and instrumentation needs.

Submitting your audition video
First, you will create your own YouTube channel, upload your audition video and then share the video’s URL where prompted in the application. Instructions on creating a YouTube channel can be found here. Submit your audition video through the Participant Questionnaire section of the Health Profile on CampDoc. You will be contacted once your video has been evaluated.

Accepted students should return to the registration site account and complete payment for the camp. Non-accepted students simply discontinue the registration process.